The Watchlist

I read an essay about one man’s ever-expanding stack of books. I am sorry that I can’t give proper credit. I don’t remember where I read it or who wrote it. The author was in his forties. He knew how many books he typically reads in a year. He used average lifespan to figure out how many books he would be able to read before he was too deep in the ground to care. It was an alarmingly small number of books. He would never get through all of the books on his list. This doesn’t take into account any new books that might spark a higher level of interest in his limited future. I guess this is depressing and somehow reassuring.

When I am trying to find something to watch, I often get stuck scrolling through the infinite loop of choices. If I see something remotely interesting, it gets added to my watch list. I won’t lie about the amount of time I spend in front of the television. However, I rarely get a block of time that is long enough for a full movie. I had an opportunity the other day to watch a movie and I panicked. There are so many movies on my watchlist. I will never get through them all before I am too deep in the ground to care. Initially, this was a very overwhelming thought. I will admit that I got a little depressed thinking about having to prioritize some of the classics. Then I embraced the freedom that comes with limitations. I will never get through them all and that’s not going to change. Life is too short for dumb movies. So I cracked open one of the dumb books from my ever-expanding list of books I want to read before I am too deep in the ground to care.


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