Third Person

Is there a task required by other professions that equates to a musician writing a bio for themself?

Musicians write many versions of their biographies. We write different iterations of the same biography. We need a short bio, a long bio, a one-sentence bio, a funny bio, and a serious bio. We write blurbs for various publications. We write descriptions of our sound for festivals and events. We try to find new and interesting ways of explaining how Bob Dylan is responsible for everything that we do. Every new project requires an updated version of all this information. All of these tasks require you to do a lot of thinking and writing about yourself from a third-person perspective.

“Brother Jack is brilliant…”

“Brother Jack’s guitar playing is incendiary…”

”Brother Jack is more Bob Dylan than Bob Dylan ever was…”

If you are in the middle of a new cycle, third-person thinking can take over. Maybe you are out for pancakes and you find yourself saying, “Brother Jack would like a refill of his coffee.” This is awkward and could lead to some confusion. Although it is true, he would like a refill of his coffee.


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