This is Josephine

I bought a new microphone.  It’s called Josephine.  She came to me with that name. I didn’t name her.  Ear Trumpet Labs has a line of hand-built, vintage looking, large diagram condenser microphones.  Each model has a different feminine sounding name.  I just bought a Josephine.  
This new microphone will be my primary setup for live performances. Josephine should also be very helpful when I am making videos.  She may even provide a tremendous improvement to the sound quality of  my live streams (if I can figure out how to hook it all up).  Most importantly, she will be the foundation for the making of my next two records.  
I broke the piggy bank to pay for Josephine.  If you have ever thrown a dollar into my tip jar, thank you!!!  Josephine and I are grateful for your support.  Wait until you hear what she does next.