July 22, 2021

For the summer, I have been prioritizing spending time with my kids on Thursday’s.  Regular working Dad’s might get to hang out on the weekend.  As a musician, my weekends tend to be rather full.  I am not going to lie to you and say that we do nothing but play all day.  There are regular life things that have to happen.  However, I have done my best to avoid doing any real work during the day on Thursdays.  We have done some hiking, splashing in the paddling pool, berry picking, and told lots of fart jokes.  Today was Thursday and it was a good day.  

After they went to bed, I headed to the studio and attempted to accomplish something.  I should have known better.  I wanted to record one of my “Green Curtain Session” videos.  I try to stay a week ahead for this series but for the next one I am four days away.  It should have been a quick job. I recorded the song and was happy with the performance.  It should have been a quick mix down. My brain was completely fried from all of the fun we had today.  I couldn’t focus at all.  It should have been quick and easy.  The guitar and vocals felt completely disjointed.  If I did not have video evidence that it was me doing both parts, I would not have believed it.  

I guess it was bad work karma.  I have a rule about not working on Thursday’s.  I broke that rule and I have paid the price.  I will start from scratch tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a beautiful thing.  



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