Toggle Switch

When I was checking my email on Monday morning, I realized that I hadn’t received my Daily Dispatch. Yes, I subscribe to my own list and I read my own messages. If I say something stupid, I want to be the first to know.  Anyhow, the message hadn’t shown up and I was fairly certain that I had written a post the night before. So I began running through a checklist of potential failure points. I confirmed that I had written the post. The post was formatted appropriately and scheduled correctly.  I thought maybe I had clicked PM instead of AM. The next step on my checklist was email automation.  All of the settings were perfect. That was the end of the process and everything was as it should be. Then I saw the culprit. It was a tiny toggle switch labeled, “disable.”  There is one little switch to turn off the whole system. It’s all turned back on. Everything will run smoothly until I accidentally turn it off again. This made me think about our robot overlords.  Automation and artificial intelligence are great.  It all makes life easier. What happens when the robots accidentally bump the “disable” switch?  Can they toggle us back on?