Too Many Chords

During the last year, I have prioritized the memorization of songs. The ability to remember words has never been my strong suit. The mark of a great entertainer is the ability to pull a vast number of songs out of thin air. I’m working hard to increase my repertoire. Most folk songs are the same three chords over and over in the same order. A lot of the hits from the 90s were only two chords.  I’ve been trying to memorize James Taylor’s classic called “Sweet Baby James.”  I’ve played this song for years and assumed it would be easy to commit to memory. The words have not been a problem. The music is impossible.  This song uses 7 different chords and the order changes throughout. I am confident that I will solve it if I play it enough times. That means you are going to hear this song a lot. Who knows, you might have it down before I do.  


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