Too Many Colors

Have you ever been to a restaurant where every item on the menu looks so good that it’s impossible to choose? I’m having the same problem with some artwork. I like the sketch and the general layout for this project but I can’t decide on a background color. It’s the album cover for my song called Not as Regular. To further complicate the issue, I am also going to print some t-shirts with the same artwork. Does the album artwork need to match the shirt color? It feels like when you are at that restaurant and everything looks so good that you can’t choose and you know that you are going to a different special place for some dessert. You don’t know if you should go all out and order a big meal or save some room with something smaller. Sometimes you have to plan ahead but you don’t want to miss out on something perfect. I was thinking about including a poll so that my beloved Weird Folk to help me decide. However, that would require me to narrow the choices down to three. Stay tuned.


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