October 3, 2021

When I was 10 years old, a teacher handed me a trombone.  I played trombone in grade school, high school marching band, and college.  As a college music major, trombone was my main instrument.  I was never a great trombonist but it was always an important part of my identity.  After college I had no reason to play the trombone.  So it was relegated to a corner where it collected dust.  

When I started tracking my song called Snake Ate My Radio, the trombone was exactly what I needed for the bottom of the mix. I busted out my horn and it all came flooding back.  It was like riding a bike except it made my lips swell and my face sore.  It took over two weeks to get to the point where I could simply make appropriate sounds.  Once I got my face back into shape, it didn’t take long to record.  After I got all the sounds that the song needed, I promptly put it back in the corner to collect dust.  I know that I should make it a regular part of my practice but I doubt it’s going to happen.  

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