Tuesdays are for Songwriting

For a while, I’ve been blocking out time on Tuesdays for songwriting.  A lot of songwriters stress the importance of writing every day. That has never been a routine that works for me.  I have a regular collection of lines and notions for songs. Once a week I sit down to see if any of these ideas have meat on the bone. 
My boy has been home from school this week.  He has pink eye and can not be at school.  At first, he was very excited to be at home and not at school.  Today was spent imagining our way through his regular school day.  He insists that he does not want to be at school but we spent the day pretending we were there. 
I thought I was very clever.  I told him it was time for music class. I thought that I could take a run through my weekly songwriting snippets and still fulfill his plan for the day.  I was essentially giving a 90-second approach to each idea and then bumping it down the queue for next week.  After the first three ideas, he loudly exclaimed, “not another one!”  I guess it was time for a snack.