Tuesdays Were Made for Happy Hour

Monday is fine. It can be difficult to get moving on a Monday after a long weekend.  A Monday can be miserable but you know what you are getting with Monday.  Monday is low expectations and very few surprises.  
Wednesday is half way to the next weekend.  It is full of hope and promise.  Everything feels possible on Wednesday.  
Tuesday is brutal.  It is so far away from both the expectations of Monday and the hope of Wednesday.  You don’t get much done on Monday because it is a Monday.  On Wednesday you are already thinking about Friday.  Most of the work must be accomplished on Tuesday.  There are rarely great holidays on a Tuesday.  There is never any good mail and dinner is always boring on Tuesday. Tuesday was the worst day… until we started our Happy Hour!!!
Every Tuesday at 4:00 EST, we livestream on Facebook for an hour.  If it wasn’t for this hour spent with the Weird Folk, I would continue to hate Tuesday.  In all honesty, I don’t know what I would do without our friends that show up every Tuesday to spend some time.  Thank you for making Tuesday better than Monday and Wednesday.     

If you don’t get our daily messages, let me know so that you don’t miss any of this juicy gossip.