Uncle Boozie on hats

Weeeeell, hey. It’s everybody’s favorite uncle. That’s right. It’s me, Uncle Boozie.

I wanted to talk to you today about the importance of a hat. If it is a sunny day and you put a hat on your head, it will protect your head from the powerful rays of the sun. A hat can prevent you from getting your head burnt. The sun has very powerful rays. A hat is good protection. If that old powerful sun goes behind a cloud and it starts to rain, the hat can also protect your head from the rain. The head is an important part of the body and it’s nice that a hat can do so much. It can keep you dry… well, it can keep some of the rain off… it really depends on how hard it is raining. A hat is wonderful protection in lots of different weather. Although if the wind picks up, that could be a problem. If it gets too windy, the hat could blow away and be gone forever. True story, it happened to me.

A good hat is hard to find.

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