Unwavering Laws of the Universe #2

I am a huge Star Wars fan.  From the beginning of the franchise, it’s been a part of my life.  When I was a kid, a sick day from school included a Star Wars movie marathon. It was only three movies back then. I am also a tolerant Star Wars fan.  I love all of the new stuff.  I have watched and enjoyed all of the random cartoons.  I even liked Solo.  We finally took the plunge and started watching the new Obi-Wan series.  We just finished the second episode.  There are a lot of great throwbacks to the original world.  There is an adorable little girl that grows up to be Princess Leia.  The problem is that the old-school fans are my age.  We are no longer young.  The new Obi-Wan series is good but it is slow. I struggle to stay awake. 
Unwavering Laws of the Universe #2:
Entertainers must know their audience.  Putting them to sleep is not entertaining.  

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