It was the Super Bowl. It’s almost a National Holiday in the United States. Even the people that hate the sport, tune in for the commercials. I love the NFL but I find it hard to get excited about a game when it’s not my team. The halftime performance doesn’t get me excited either. It’s never weird folk. Pop music is not my preferred genre. I admit that I enjoyed this year’s performance. It felt more authentic than normal. It was a lot of dancing and over-the-top production but the music was solid. At one point, there was a closeup of Usher and the sweat was pouring off his head. It’s not surprising considering the number of wardrobe changes that he made. This made me curious about his age. He is about half a year older than me. That is when I realized that I was almost as sweaty as Usher… but I was sitting on the couch, snacking…


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