Vague Generalities

I like to have a plan.  My family often teased me for requiring a preconceived plan when playing imaginary games as a little kid.  My friends like to point out that I have been known to schedule an evening to be spontaneous and then plan out the details. I even have a daily plan that structures how I intend to make additional plans. As a complete departure from my normal modus operandi, some of my creative endeavors are more like vague generalities.  I have been planning a Sad Cover Song series for almost two months.  The first installment of the series is scheduled for next week.  I had selected the first song and worked on an arrangement but I had no plan on how to accomplish my goals.  To be honest, I had no goals, only a notion.  How and where would I release this first episode?  How would the videos look?  Would I do anything to promote the series?  What happens after I record the first song?  The whole point of this series is to study and analyze sad songs.  Playing a cover and putting the video on social media does not qualify as a deep dive into the emotional content of the song. I had no plan for this project.  I sat down last night and did what I do best.  I now have some vague generalities and a plan.