August 16, 2021

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I may have previously alluded to a shift in my musical approach in the studio for the new project. I’ve always strived to be creative and to think outside the box with my sonic choices. For the Busted Banjo, sounds are getting really wild. As previously documented, the arrangement for Joyous Noise demanded that I play a tiny blue drum kit. The bass requirements for the track were even more extreme. When I listened to the rough mix, I knew I needed a low end that sounded like vrump – vrump – vrump. I began ransacking my studio looking for something that would make that sound. I continued grunting, vrump – vrump – vrump, as I tried to match that sound. I needed an instrument that could sound like vrump. The solution became obvious. I was already making the sound. With a minor wave of the magical digital wand I could have exactly what I needed. All right, everybody sing with me now – vrump – vrump – vrump.

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