We Are the Lonesome Ones

We were playing a gig at a retirement community.  I play a lot of traditional folk music which tends to be appreciated by this particular demographic. I’ve always gotten along well with old ladies.  Often these shows are dinner shows with all of the residents present.  This particular event was a Tuesday social group.  I don’t remember their particular common hobby. It may have been a bible study group, jigsaw club, or a quilting klatch.  It was a dozen widows and they all had the same haircut.   

We were going through our regular set that included several classic Hank Williams songs. We had already sung every grandma’s favorite lines:

		Hey good lookin’
		What you got cookin’

It was time for the song called I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.  I know by genre standards it classifies as a sad country song but I had never really given much thought to the words.  They seemed poetic in a lonely hobo kind of way.  We finished the last lines:

		As I wonder where you are
		I’m so lonesome I could cry

I looked around the room and they were all crying.  

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for my bad singing to bring you all to tears.”  I tried to lighten the mood. “Why are you all crying?”

One wavering voice spoke for all the tears, “We’ve all lost our husbands, we are the lonesome ones.”

Watch me sing this Sad Cover Song.