Weird Folk Begets Weird Folk

I was reading a blog post recently. The author describes his writing as an elaborate search to “find fascinating people.” He writes to inspire the type of email response that he wants to receive. I think I understand. Weird folk begets more Weird Folk. A while back, a friend recommended a song because he knew I would like it. I fell in love with this song and began playing it constantly. It was composed by a Scottish folk singer. This means that there were some aspects of the song that baffled me due to its cultural heritage. Another friend provided a 10-page thesis outlining the confusing Scottish references. I now understand the history and heritage of cod liver oil as it pertains to the Scottish social welfare system. I can also say a couple of naughty Scottish phrases. More recently a friend pointed out a beautiful correlation between a song I had written and one of my favorite Paul Simon songs. It was a weird deep dive into some Belgium art history. This was a fascinating message that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It will probably inspire me to write something connecting the two ideas. And hopefully, that will inspire somebody else to send me a message with a whole new connection. My song choices are not about satisfying my whims. Everything that I play, write, cover, reference, and talk about is to inspire you to respond. Your response makes me a better person. Thank you.