Wineries VS Breweries

In my line of work, I have the privilege of frequenting many fine establishments that specialize in the dispensation of alcoholic beverages. I play music for the full spectrum of drunks at both wineries and breweries. I have recently realized a profound difference between these two main types of establishments. The difference isn’t just wine versus beer. The difference that I am talking about is the television or more importantly what is displayed on the television. Local pubs always have at least one giant television. Very often it is hanging behind the bar. It gives the patrons something to do when there isn’t any live entertainment like what I provide. It also gives the patrons something to do when the live entertainment is awful like what I provide. In the brew pubs, the television always features a sporting event. Any sporting event will suffice. Sometimes, there will be multiple sporting events happening at the same time on different televisions. The wine bars never indulge in sports. It’s always a sappy movie from the romantic comedy genre. Last weekend, I foolishly anticipated being able to see the score from my geographically relevant sporting event. Instead, I watched Pierce Bronson try to win the love of Catherine Zeta-Jones. At least with this option, there were no losers.

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