Winter 2017

I am at home in Altoona, PA.  It’s winter of 2017 (updated January 26).

I don’t sleep much, here’s why:

  • I am a stay at home dad with a wife, 9 yr old daughter, and boy/girl twins.  The twins are pretty good sleepers but rarely are they both great on the same night.  This is my second campaign as a stay at home parent and it’s so dramatically different that it feels completely new and unfamiliar.
  • I am doing a Soundcloud project where I am posting one “new” song every Monday.  The rules are loose but I’m primarily focused on original material.  Some are new songs and  some are back catalog.  All of the songs are brand new recordings.  This is a great way to hold myself accountable to regular practice with both songwriting and recording.
  • I am also working on a new project.  There are three parts that will include 7 to 9 songs per album.  I am planning  on releasing one part every 3 months. The first installation, to be titled “Baptized,” will be finished the first week of May.
  • I am trying to blog at least once a week, which is another great way to hold myself accountable to regular creative practice.
  • I am also playing regular shows with Ride the Song.  We do mostly covers of awesome country, blues, folk, and classic rock tunes.