I am not good at nonverbal communication. With other people, I just don’t recognize it and I rarely translate it correctly. Also, regarding my own body language, it has been made clear to me that I don’t always communicate what I think I am communicating. This has made marriage much more exciting than necessary. After fourteen years we are starting to get the hang of it.

I do much better with words. Although, words can also have unintended meanings. Words can lift up or tear down. They can confuse or clarify. Words can start a war or initiate peace. Nothing else has the power of a word.

If I was filling out an official form and asked to list my profession, I would probably write musician. Although, I have always felt my music was secondary to the lyrics. My words are my art.

During my life, I have had several moments that were pretty bleak. The low points in life can always be tracked back to some words. It’s not uncommon for life’s low points to be the result of words that we have spoken to ourselves. Words led to my bleak moments and there were other words that helped me get through.

I continue to put out as many words as I can. A single word that I have spit out into the world could be the difference for someone when they are clawing at rock bottom. We all should use our words in a more intentional way. This doesn’t mean we have to always be cheerleaders. Sometimes the needed words are dark and terrifying. Every word has power. I will continue writing my words, setting them to a little tune, and humming along the best that I can. Maybe somebody will benefit from my words. I know I am.

If you want to read more of my words, I am trying to add all of my song lyrics to my website, here. If any of my words help you out, please let me know. Also, we are starting a new thing on Instagram. My oldest kid is helping me curate some of my words that we will post every Wednesday. I will also collect her posts on the website, here. Sorry this entire post has been all about me and my words but this is my blog after all. I have a lot of words. Time for me to shut up and listen.