Writers Block

November 8, 2021
I have never believed that writers block is a real thing.  I think that if you want to write and you can’t, it is because you are afraid that your results will be bad.  The key to overcoming writers block is to just keep writing.  It’s ok if it is bad, just keep writing.  
I am having a different kind of problem. I have too many ideas and I can’t seem to chose the right one.  I guess that is a slightly different version of the same thing.  I’m afraid of making the wrong choice and steering the song in the wrong direction.   
I have two songs that I have been working on for at least six months.  I have not actively spent much time working on either of these songs. That is my justification for why they are not finished.  I have written a lot of bad songs and I have no problem scrapping my bad songs.  I think these two songs ideas will be amazing as a finished product, if I ever get there.  These are two potentially good songs and I have enough ideas to create 37 mediocre songs. Eventually I will make some decisions.   Eventually I will finish these two songs. They might be ok.  Eventually they will be finished.  

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